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Estelle Mitchell is widely recognised on the Costa del Sol as one of Spain’s leading physiotherapists. Qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist in January 1978 having studied and trained with the RAF, Estelle is putting her wide and extensive experience to full use at Bodyworks Health Clinic.

Estelle and her team have a passion for non-surgical options and have invested heavily in the tools and training to make this a truly viable alternative to surgery, injections and drugs. By combining this with traditional hands on techniques and years of experience they provide a comprehensive and effective treatment plan designed for you.

Often, patients feel that they have “seen everybody” and made no progress and received no answers. They have been to see many other specialists and have been told “nothing can be done”. Estelle’s team at Bodyworks believe that for a treatment to be successful you need a proper and full assessment and diagnosis so that the actual problem, not just the painful symptoms, is treated.

Estelle’s passions for cutting edge technology, accurate diagnosis and surgery prevention have ensured that Bodyworks has a high success rate with many testimonials from happy patients.

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